Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Post Fontan

Abigail surgery was finished around 1 pm. Met with her surgeon Dr Heinle around 1:15. He said everything went as expected, no complications noted during surgery. At that time she was waking up from anesthesia. They took her to CVICU and got her stabilized and and connected to all of her medications. I think she is hooked up to 5 different IV infusions. She has an IV in her hand and one in her neck, an arterial line in her wrist, incision from surgery, 3 chest tubes draing blood/fluid, a foley catheter to drain urine, ekg leads on her chest, some monitor on her forehead, thermometer reading 'rectal' temp, pulse oximeter on her finger, nasal cannula for oxygen, and pacing wires. A lot for a 4 year old. Hopefully little by little we will rid these monitors and tubes. She is still very sleepy , wakes up occasionally and seems disoriented, grumpy and uncomfortable. First asking for water or chocolate milk. She is on a fluid restriction at this time. so far we have had ice chips an few times that she has tolerated and enjoyed. They are keeping her pain under control. So far so good. will keep posted

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  1. Holly, thank you so much for your amazing input and the details. You are all so strong and I am certain the prayers lifted up to Him are all heard and He will comfort all.
    Love to you and the whole family. We look forward to seeing you all soon. -Holly K
    (Jakeb's mommy)